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Tree Relocation

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Careful Tree Relocation in Plant City, FL

Plant City Tree Service provides comprehensive tree care services, and one of these is the careful relocation of trees. With years of experience in this field, our team has developed a reliable process to ensure successful relocations every time. We understand that uprooting a tree can be stressful for both the environment and the homeowner. That's why we work hard to make each move as stress-free as possible. We start by assessing your property size and type of soil before determining how many people are needed to safely transport the tree. Then we carefully dig up and relocate the tree while minimizing damage to its root structure. At Plant City Tree Services, we take pride in providing customers with quality service when it comes to moving their beloved trees. Our experienced staff handle every aspect of the job from start to finish ensuring that your treasured garden asset finds its new home without any hiccups along the way

Tree Relocation Service

Tree relocation is an important part of plant city tree service. It requires careful planning and precise execution to safely move a tree from one location to another. Specialized equipment, such as cranes or tractors, must be used when the job involves large trees that can't be uprooted by hand. The process also includes trimming away parts of the root system, so it's crucial for our team to understand the anatomy of the particular species being relocated in order to avoid damaging its branches and roots. In addition, we need to know where the new destination for your tree will be located in order to ensure proper placement and secure anchoring once it has been moved there. At Plant City Tree Service, our priority is making sure your beloved trees are relocated with great care. We'll get them settled into their new home while preserving their health and integrity every step of the way

Root overgrowth

How do I know when its necessary to relocate a Tree?

It is necessary to relocate a tree when the tree is in danger of being damaged or destroyed. This could include being in the way of a construction project, being in an area that is prone to flooding or being affected by other environmental factors.

Additionally, if the tree is in an area that is not conducive to healthy growth, it may need to be relocated.

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